How does My Tattoo work?

How to stick?
The proper tattoo adhesion affects its appearance and time on the skin, so stick to the instructions for gluing and enjoy your temporary tattoo for a long time! Ask for a friend’s help if you are gluing a tattoo in a hard-to-reach place or by choosing a large size tattoo.

Temporary tattoo adhesion steps:

1. Apply the tattoo only on clean and dry skin. It is very important that you do not have any fat on the surface of the skin, so rinse thoroughly with the area where you tattoo, then dry it with a clean towel. In the case of increased sweating, it is possible to remove the fat from the surface of the skin by removing the cotton swab with alcohol and gently cleansing the skin. Allow the liquid to dry completely before gluing. The tattoo will last longer if you choose a less flushing and hair-bathed body.

2. Take a tattoo or a fragment of it. If there are several drawings in the tattoo leaf, carefully cut out the desired drawing without breaking the transparent protective layer.

3. Carefully peel off a clear, protective layer. When peeling this gloss layer, try to hold the tattoo behind the edge, without touching the drawing, which will clear the surface of the protective sticker.

4. Attach the tattoo to the skin so that the pattern touches the skin. When applying a temporary tattoo, you need to have a secure motion without changing the place you are in, so be sure to pick it up in a previously cleaned area of ​​the skin. When laying a tattoo, the side of the leaflet in which the design is to touch the skin, and the part outside the surface must remain without a pattern that is not self-adhesive. When you apply the drawing on the skin, gently press it with your palm to make the tattoo surface more tight.

5. Wet the tattoo leaflet. With a damp sponge or a towel, click on the tattoo surface. The tattoo leaflet needs to completely dry, but avoid a very wet towel or sponge that drops with water.

6. Hold a damp sponge or towel on an overlaid tattoo for about a minute. This will allow all drawing details to be attached to your skin and help ensure longer tattoo survival and better quality. Having peeled before, part of the drawing can still remain on the leaf, not on the skin.

7. Carefully peel the tattoo off the skin. This should be done by selecting one edge of the sheet, and gently pulling it over. If you slowly uncover the drawing to see that its fragments have not yet been affixed, stick the edge of the tattoo leaf for which you pulled back and placed a damp towel or sponge, hold for half a minute. If the pattern looks homogeneous and tight, carefully peel the entire tattoo leaf out of the skin.

8. Wait until the surface of the tattoo is about 7 to 10 minutes. To achieve the best results, the tattoo should be allowed to dry without touching it, without flexing the body without straining the skin and without creating wrinkles, if the tattoo is glued to areas where the skin can “move” (elbows, wrists, knees, necks, etc.). .

9. Gently rub a little tattoo with a pencil or other tuxedo. This will ensure that the tattoo is better attached to the surface of the skin. No need to be pressed heavily.



How Long Can a Tattoo Be On the Body?
The tattoo can stay on the skin for 3 to 10 days, depending on where the body is filled and how it is maintained. Do not use soap, shower gel, other body care products (creams, lotions, etc.) on the tattoo as they will accelerate the drawing of the image. More tattoos with clothing, jewelry and accessories will last longer.

Is Tattoo Resistant To Water?
Yes, temporary tattoos are water resistant. Still putting the tattoo on the body, contact with water should be avoided for at least a couple of hours to make the tattoo as close as possible to the surface of the skin. You can then swim both in the shower and in the water, but it’s important to have a tattoo on the surface of the skin that does not stain with rough towels. It is best to allow this part of the body to dry itself or very softly with a soft cloth.

How To Remove a Temporary Tattoo?
You can remove a temporary tattoo using oil-containing body treatments or other oils. Apply the oil, hold it for a minute, then gently wipe it. Repeat these steps several times if necessary. Clearing a tattoo can also be done with a cotton wool swab in alcohol. Do not forget to apply a skin moisturizing lotion or cream after taking a tattoo.

Who Can Lay a Temporary Tattoo?
The temporary tattoo can be glued to everyone, but it is important that the skin is not damaged, irritated, extremely sensitive or allergic to glue. It is always best to try a small drawing in less sensitive areas and only later to stick large temporary tattoos.

Where Can I Stick a Temporary Tattoo?
A temporary tattoo can be glued in different parts of the body – on the legs, arms, neck, fingers, abdomen, back and so on. It is advisable to avoid sticking tattoos near the eyes. It should be noted that the choice of the tattoo on the body of the place where the tattoo is affixed depends on the time it takes to remove the tattoo.